Saturday, November 8, 2014





Overall, the goal was to present the art of surfing in a different perspective through a black & white medium, where the shapes and textures of the waves were accentuated. The 3rd photograph actually started my interest in this direction. As I enjoyed the contrast of the blacks from the wave in foreground creating a mountain like shape along with the textures of the bubbling water. It reminded me of Katsushika  Hokusai's piece "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."

The tight framing in the 1st photo creates a strong illusion of drowning but areas of blacks are blown out - it may or may not have improved the shot. The 2nd shot I had the most difficult time in terms of composition but in the end opted to take central focal point. 

There was also two to other shots that were in contention for this photo series - if you're interested - can be found here: photo 1 & photo 2