Friday, January 17, 2014

Guy Fawkes Night



"I would be content with my life if I could sit in a forest and dance"


"No quote, nothing. I'll think about it later. You have a way with words, you."

Josh 'Smiley'


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Years and Massive updates to come from Europe

Happy new years everyone.

I haven't made blog post since I came to August. I started my study abroad in September, attending the University of Manchester. I'll be there till February this year so I've already been here for few months already and I haven't uploaded any photographs onto this blog yet. 

So I'm going to posting a bunch of photographs from my stay in Manchester and my travels around Europe/UK is my next array of blog posts. While I'm doing this I'll be thinking about starting a new photography project but at this moment of time I am not sure what type it will be - it might be a 100 strangers, 365 or maybe weekly photowalk. 

When it comes to my own photography, this year I am looking forward in producing more photos that are set within a certain theme of project. Something like where for a month I can only post up black and white. At the moment I'm trying out 500px, you can find it here. Perhaps I can place project orientated photographs in there. 

Dubai International Airport



 The rest of the shots were taken in Manchester.

Cafe muse Cafe


Manchester Busker