Sunday, September 12, 2010

62/365 - House + keep voting~

I've heard many peoples say they can't take any photos cause they're at home...

not true =.= . Be more creative ! Find some cool angles - look at things differently.

Following shots were taken at home.
62/365 - House
Nikon D3000 - 1/250 - f/8 - ISO 400 - EV -2/3


Negative Space

Anyways yes, keep on rating my photograph 5 stars in the teds comp 8D

so rate ! - details below

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If you're not directed to the photo immediately, you can find the photo on page 167, the second one. The black and white one ! 


  1. Photo 1: It's amazing what you can get in a home. You've achieved a pretty nice photograph using a unique angle and composition is definitely spot on.

    Photo 3: Love the minimalism. Fantastic!