Friday, January 7, 2011

New start~

A new year. ^^

It looks like I was not able to commit to my 365 day project. TT

and I don't think I would have a high chance in completing another 365 photo project for 2011 due to studies this year (year 12) D;

So, I decided that I would do 1 photo a week project - 52 week photo project. Starting by tomorrow.

I will be posting my weekly photo for my project on the weekend, most likely on Saturday.

With this going on that doesn't mean I can't post photos that are not related to the project.

I'll still upload more photos whenever, it just that ill update my blog at least once a week. ^^.

Anyways - new header.

Also, added a new facebook like button for each blog post (Y).


Fireworks are damn hard to shoot =='. My attempts:

NY Fireworks

NY Fireworks

Another shot of the brisbane river. (similar shot:



NY Lunch.

Thanks for viewing. 

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